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Inspirational quotes: New Wine In An Old Jar

Inspirational quotes: New Wine In An Old Jar
Many years ago Henry Armstrong, a young pianist and composer from boston, set down a melody that had been running through his head for days. It was beautiful and had a lot of rhythm.

For seven years he sent the song to music publishing firms, but they all turned it down.
He hired a lyric Richard Gerard, who came up with -You're the flower of my heart,- sweet Rosalee, but Armstrong still could not find a publisher who was interested.
Then one day while walking down the street, Armstrong and Gerard saw a poster advertising a concert by Adeline Patti, a popular Italian singer. On impulse they decided to name their song after her. Their new title was a bit keithy, so they reduced it to the simple phrase - sweet Adeline. Armstrong's song became the most famous barbershop quartet ballad of all time.

I wonder what the world would've looked like if great men and women who contributed to the development of the society had given up. Just take a little time and reflect on it. Imagine what would've been without cars or if it was made for the rich only.

Exactly what it was meant to be until Henry Ford said no. Imagine what it would've been if man was not to travel by air. Maybe it will take months to get to the far east. And what would you say about the home appliances that bring comfort to you and I.
One can't stop thanking God for these men.

And do you know something my dear reader, these men and women are just as gunman as you and I. It then means that we are capable of doing even greater things.

All things I said. The question then is, how many have you done? How many are you doing? And how many will you be remembered with? So many questions begging for answers.

One thing is for certain, ideas and intentions will never cease. Man will always come up with something new. Why shouldn't it be you? Most of these new things need not be new after all.
And that's were creativity comes in. Just a little addition or subtraction to an already existing intention and you come out with something different.

I remember Lance Armstrong a world class bicyclist diagnosed with terminal cancer. When most people would have given up hope. Armstrong never thought about death, but trained while undergoing treatment.

And so in 1999, three years after he was told he only had six months to live, Lance Armstrong won the glamorous tour de France. Experts' Verdict you will say. They are humans after all. Aren't they?

The Moral of the Story: never give up irrespective of the circumstance until you achieve your dream. Never. The key is in your hands! Use it!
Stay Motivated!

Inspiration: Dare To Act

Inspiration: Dare To Act
People who grow up in the United States today may have trouble believing how different things were quarter centuries ago. His relentless effort started a revolution and ensured hard-won victories. His perpetual pursuit of a colour-blind justice system was instrumental in the civil right of 1964.
The youngest person to who the Nobel Prize. He was helping prepare a mercy match on the nation's capital in 1968 to raise awareness of the extent and ravages of poverty when he was murdered.

He was a son of a Baptist preacher. He grew up in the southern part of the united states of America during the 1930s and 40s. Like every black living in the south he was well acquainted with the varieties and manifestations of racism.
Amongst the images etched indelibly upon his mind was the incident that occurred at age 6 when the parents of a white friend angrily interrupted their play time and demanded that he never again played with their son.

When he was 11 a white woman without provocation hit him and called him a nigger. Of course, these and many other incidents occurred within the context of injustice.
Prior to the mid-sixties blacks were not allowed to eat in white restaurants, to use public rest rooms, or to side public transport.

The young man watched, listened, and absorbed the pain; and he prepared to devote his life to fight against social injustice, poverty and racial discrimination.

He was an intelligent man. He enrolled in college at age 15 without completing high school. He was valedictorian of his seminary class and earned a Ph.D. in Theology at Boston University. He then entered the school of hard-knocks, pastoring a church in Montgomery, Alabama. Using his pulpit as his platform, he led the black citizenry in non-violent resistance, a tactic he had learned by studying Mahatma Gandhi, the Famed Indian leader.
He led thousands of blacks in boycotts, sit-ins, matches and freedom fights and spearheaded political lobbying efforts. To most of the blacks he became a HERO.

He was powerful orator. He was not afraid to use the pulpit for inciting his audience to action. He used the pulpit for more than recruiting, though his sermons were designed to restore the sense of dignity, self-respect and hope that blacks had lost long ago.

His message was unusually challenging blacks to confront the white minority for its mistreatment of blacks.
Some parts of the world are still ridden with the cancer of racism today but the enduring legacy is that Martin Luther King, Jr helped strip segregation and racial prejudice of its normal legitimacy.

In a world where most of us are concentrating on material things, will you be courageous enough to fight for a cause? will you be courageous enough to be an evangelist of that your dream? If you were Martin Luther King, Jr. beyond daring to dream, will you put it into action? The key is in your hands. Use it.
Stay Motivated! Stay Successful!

Invest in people

Invest In People
The story was told as was recounted by reader's Digest of October 1996 about a mill that was destroyed by fire. That december evening was a dark one for so many especially the workers who thought their jobs had gone up in smoke. So it was a shock on the morning after the fire when the owner of the mill Aaron feuerstein told his 3,000 plus employees that he had decided to rebuild, immediately. He also took the decision to keep everyone on the payroll for thirty days. A decision that cost him millions of dollars.
feuestein, a company leader who has the interest of the people at heart had in the course of running the company disregarded the trends. When other textile mills in the area moved to a different location to take advantage of lower taxes and cheaper labour, feuerstein felt he had responsibility to the people he employee, and stayed put. Two days after the fire incident, he handed out pay cheques to all his employees with a christmas bonus and a note. "Do not despair. God bless each of you"
By January 2, the mill had reopened and within ninety days, 75 percent of the workers were back on the job. Experts had said it could never be done (like always). The mill was able to fill 80percent of its orders in spite of the fire. Feuerstein's investment in his employees had been returned to him in miracle-working effort and loyalty.
Invest In People
When salvation Army officer Shaw saw the three men before him, tears sprang to his eyes. Shaw was a medical missionary who had just arrived in India.
The salvation Army was taking our the leper colony where he had been assigned. The three men before him had manacles and fetters binding their hands and feet, cutting into their diseased flesh,
Captain Shaw turned to the guard and said, "Please Unfasten the chains"
"It isn't safe" the guard protested. "These men are dangerous Criminals as well as lepers!" 'I'll be responsible' Captain Shaw rice, "They are suffering enough" He then reached out, took the keys, knelt, tenderly removed the shackles from the men, and treated their bleeding and wrists.
About two weeks later, Shaw had to make an overnight trip. He dreaded leaving his wife and child alone. The words of the guard came back to him regarding the safety of his family. When Shaw's wife went to the front door the morning she was alone, she was startled to see the three criminals lying on her steps. One of them explained. "We know the doctor go. We stay here all night so no harm come to you."
Investing People is the Best!!